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I bet everyone has said “I do not know”, “I don’t know”, or similar phrase at least once in their life. Probably heard it from a friend or a family member. This phrase can sometime be a fatal reason that can cause some shocking aftermath.

To be honest, me myself don’t know why, but sometime this is the best temporary answer some people can give. Let’s take an example of an unstable teen crying in the middle of studying. People might ask things like “Why are you crying? Who did this to you?” And they might answer “I don’t know.”…

Ryu when he realized Kotaro is all he has left

Warning! Mild-heavy spoilers for many anime. Read at your own risk.

Short Escape

Sometimes I watch anime to have a little vacation from the harsh reality that keeps hitting me everyday. Anime is basically Japanese animated content, and I mainly watch some series that I heard are good.

I’ve watched Hajime Isayama’s Shingeki no Kyojin, or what we call Attack on Titan in English, since 2014. I’ve admired the way he planned how the plots are going to be, many loved characters being slaughtered, unexpected turns here and there, and also life dilemma depending on your moral compass. This anime reminds me of not to always trust people fully, even those closest to…

I’ve always thought of moving here and there from time to time. Like I wanna have a lot of money just to experience living in a place for a period of time. Whether it’s in a remote village, on a high-rise apartment, or just a house in the middle of the city. Then I asked myself why I had such thoughts.

What is Home Really

To some people home is where you go to have a rest after a long day of work. To others it might just where your house is. Personally I kinda have to agree with the former. For me home…

Soon you’ll realize that you are lonely among many people. You are not alone, yet your loneliness lingers in between fragments of your life.

Having a friend is something that can be considered as a privilege nowadays. Some people aren’t brave enough to socialize, some don’t know how to, and some just don’t bother. If you have at least one friend then congratulation, you’ve made your life more complicated.

How to Download a Friend?

No silly, you can’t download a friend. Or at least until this writing is published. You gain new friends and lose some as you grow older. You probably have a friend that you’ve met when you were younger, and you still contact them until now. You might also have that one friend from elementary school…

After a month-ish of hiatus, I’ve decided to keep writing. I wanna take this chance of Ramadan to write something kinda meaningful each day.

A month of realization, meditation, and some self-reflecting was enough to put me back to my place.

Godspeed y’all.

Hey All
Day 261

I really have nothing to squirt out of my daily life for now. I got to get some stuff going, which is a hell of a battle for me.

I also need to visit the doctor soon, which could be another obstacle.

Hope all will be well.


Out of Juice
Day 260

Battle of Mediolanum happened during this year. Such an interesting battle.

Italy being involved in war with the Romans was such a delicacy.

Day 259

So my perfume just arrived. It’s Farhampton by HMNS. 8/10 for its flavorful mix of alcohol.

I really don’t know how to say it, but it’s super nice.

Day 258

To get on top, people often sacrifice other things or people.

What do they call these offerings, sacrifices? Nope.

They are little presents.

Little presents for someone else.

So think twice before you do.

Little Present
Day 257

Maybe these days I have been feeling so empty.

I have no idea that being lonely can be so tiring.

I thought people were only acting and looking for attention.

Well maybe they kinda were, but heck did I not know it is this tiring.

Feeling Empty Again
Day 257

Aulia Ichsan Rifkyano

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