I’ve always thought of moving here and there from time to time. Like I wanna have a lot of money just to experience living in a place for a period of time. Whether it’s in a remote village, on a high-rise apartment, or just a house in the middle of the city. Then I asked myself why I had such thoughts.

To some people home is where you go to have a rest after a long day of work. To others it might just where your house is. Personally I kinda have to agree with the former. For me home is where I can rest peacefully after a certain tiring event. Let it be work, friend’s party, or just a regular tiring weekend. Or maybe other things that I haven’t mentioned. I’d love to have one permanent house where I can always go back to, but I think I’d travel a lot and stay in a lot of places. The Earth is too huge to be wasted on just sitting on your couch and watching YouTube all day.

I’ve always dreamed of living in a high-rise apartment where I can stare down at nearby traffic or have some night-view. I hate height but there’s something that I can’t explain about looking around the city at night. The lights are different. It’s like how Yotsuba described in Quintessential Quintuplets:

It’s something that will satisfy myself in the most unexplainable way.

But then some day I would think about how simple life would be in some of the rural area or a remote place. The people would live happily with whatever they have. They worry less about what’s going to happen tomorrow, instead they live their life to the max that exact day by being helpful and grateful.

But then the next day I would really love to just find a place in the middle of the city so that I can go here and there with eased mobility. I might go to the park one day, the gym, or just watch a movie in the cinema. It would be convenient to have access to most things that I might need some time.

Just recently when I was going back home from work, I saw a guy talking to a girl who might be his girlfriend or wife, or just a friend. They were talking, waiting for the traffic light to let them cross the road. They looked happy with all the smiles and laughs. I didn’t know what they were talking about, but they seemed to have arrived at a happy place. A place where the map won’t show you. The place where the GPS won’t give you direction to.

The forever place I call the Eternal Home is not where I stay, but rather the person I stay with. I’d always feel home wherever I go just by resting on your shoulder. I’d feel recharged if you look me dead in the eyes and give me that damn smile.

So please home, don’t go.

Eternal Home
Day 263