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I bet everyone has said “I do not know”, “I don’t know”, or similar phrase at least once in their life. Probably heard it from a friend or a family member. This phrase can sometime be a fatal reason that can cause some shocking aftermath.

To be honest, me myself don’t know why, but sometime this is the best temporary answer some people can give. Let’s take an example of an unstable teen crying in the middle of studying. People might ask things like “Why are you crying? Who did this to you?” And they might answer “I don’t know.”. The answer will mostly confuse the questioner since that response will not give any hint on how to help with the situation. On the other hand, if you are the one being questioned, that response is probably the easiest and the shortest one you can think of during that period. It doesn’t require you to think ahead nor does it require you to explain every single detail, it simply answers the question.

I get why people get mad over that phrase. Sometime we just want a concise and straight to the point answer, rather than given an unsure one. Making choice is a difficult or super tough task for some people, and by straight up answering “I don’t know.” when being given a choice or decision to make, it does not help with the situation at all.

While it seems that the phrase itself is not dangerous, but the timing of the usage of it is. I’ve seen people distance their friends or loved ones over that phrase and to be honest it makes me feel kinda apprehensive.

That’s just a short rant from me since I’ve seen people getting mad over it. Why did I make this short rant people already know you ask? I don’t even know why.

I Do Not Know
Day 265