My Take on Humanity Above Religion

So I have seen some people brag and preach about ‘humanity above religion’. Here I am going to rant about it.

Firstly I might be a bit biased in this writing. I will give my take based on what I have learned and experienced as a Muslim my whole life, but I will not represent my whole religion. So everything’s on me.

In Islam, you are required to do daily prayer in 5 different times throughout the day. It is a must do task if you are a grown Muslim. You will be punished if you skip these intentionally. However you are not required to do those under some consequences. For example when you are ill and could not move much, you are exempted from doing your daily prayers. You will have to do 'paybacks' in some other day, let it be the prayer you have missed or anything else. Another great example is when you are a surgeon doing a life and death type surgery where you can’t leave until you are done. It is even suggested that you save the live first before starting your prayers since the life of that person means more in Islam than the daily prayer.

In Christianity I have learned that they have the 7 deadly sins. If you think about it they are deadly for humans because they might mess how humans behave in the long term. Having too much greed, lust, or even pride can cause negative effects, a lot of negative effects. Hence they call it deadly sins, so you try to avoid them as much as possible. It is logical if you really think about it.

Now you might ask me, “Why do you even need religion? Can’t you just do them without one?” Yes you can. But religion is there to limit humans to some extend. Why do we need to limit humans?

I mean ask yourself why do you need rules in your life. Why does your country need rules for you to live your life? Why do you need to obey the law? Isn’t it all limiting yourself from freedom?

Indeed that’s what they are there for. They are here to limit us humans from doing too much of something or going too far on something. So are religions. Islam prohibits many things that can be dangerous to humanity. Drinking alcohol causes so many negative effects on your life or other people’s lives, and rarely a positive effect. Islam then prohibits it. Caught stealing will get your limbs chopped based on what and how much you steal, no matter who you are. Islam really wants to protect other people from taking what’s not theirs, so we can live based on what’s only ours.

For me those are some example of how Islam has put humanity itself above everything religion related in many cases. Having some rules that control your life is not a bad thing right? We always need to obey some rules to keep us from being barbaric animals. Look at humans now living with rules. Now imagine them limitlessly living with no rules.

My Take on Humanity Above Religion
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