My Sky

Hello let me introduce you to my cat, Sky.

Sky was adopted few months ago since she our campus was throwing away cats because nobody could feed them during the pandemic(and the campus was on total lockdown).

I picked Sky because my mum love white coloured cats and I love cats with blue eyes.

Sky does not like to bite unless she wants me to pat her. She usually bites after I fall asleep because she does not get enough pats. The bites are usually friendly ones, not fierce at all.

She also does not scratch or bite humans too. She is either very scared of people or want aggressive pats. She also purrs so loud that you can hear the purr from far away.

Whenever she sits on my chest, she does not move a single bit for a long time. She does not fall asleep either so she just sits there being all sleepy without actually sleeping.

Even though she is kind of chonky, she still runs as fast as ever. She can also jump almost a meter high with all the milk belly she got.

She has this weird habit of licking my face when I try to go to sleep. To which she proceeds to purr or breathe on my ears, tickling me every single time.

I love Sky. She is a precious chonky furball.

Day 157