There was once a lonely traveler. He was not alone, yet he felt so alienated. He considered himself a misfit to every group. Then the lonely traveler saw a beautiful lady. He greeted the lady with all smiles and the lady welcomed him.

The traveler didn’t know how to communicate. Luckily for him, the lady treated him well and took him with care. The traveler finally settled his journey. He said to himself that he does not want to travel anymore. The lady asked, “Why so?” Then the traveler answered, “I have been in every corner of the Earth, day and night stepping forward non stop to find what I desire the most. Yet when I saw you, I don’t think I will be traveling anymore.”. To which the lady asked another question,
“Is it me that you desire the most?”
“Then why did you stop?”
“I will never find out what I desire the most since I will always be traveling. When I saw you, finally I can feel like home. I can sense the calming atmosphere of not having to walk every second. By holding your hands, I have already traveled the world. It is enough for me. I will not be traveling anymore.”

The lady was more confused than before. She asked a final question.
“What’s your name traveler?”
“I’m the Traveler. I travel all the time. I think I might have to change my name now. I won’t be traveling anymore.”

The Lonely Traveler
Day 13